The most usual setback encountered by air travelers is that the plane arrives at the arrival airport later than the specified time. Purchasing Urbanbirds provides you; a delay compensation (as specified in the offer), various information, services, a flight report and easy claim for delays over 3 hours. For flights delays longer than the scheduled time you may receive an offer from our www.urbanbirds.club website, specifying your flight number and flight date. You can receive different Uber voucher offers (as compensation) depending on the flight and its features. To minimize and/or ease the effects of usual setbacks and to improve your travel experience, UrbanBirds sends UBER vouchers to provide transportation services in cases exceeding the arrival time in the specified offer (for example 2 hour delays), provides real-time flight tracking and reporting, helps you to claim your passenger rights in case of delays above 3 hours and/or flight cancellation. Additionally, it offers suggestions to improve your travel experience such as weather forecast, events, attractions and a music playlist customized for your destination -regardless of whether there is a delay.

This contract defines the UrbanBirds’ obligations which includes everything mentioned in the Frequently Asked Questions and the Privacy Policy pages of the website, for passengers who purchased UrbanBirds have no obligations under this contract. UrbanBirds is obliged to track the flight of the passenger, to report the arrival time and delay, and to provide an UBER voucher if the passenger meets the time conditions of their flight delay specified in the offer of the purchased product.

Flight tracking is performed with the data provided by the Flightstats system which serves the sector on a global scale. The flight report provided to the passenger, is created by Flightstats data and delivered by UrbanBirds. Flightstats (www.flightstats.com) is responsible for the accuracy of the flight tracking information. UrbanBirds has no intervention, contribution, effect and/or responsibility. For possible passenger rights compensations in delays exceeding 3 hours, UrbanBirds only provides easy claim services. ClaimCompass (www.claimcompass.eu) company bears the responsibility for legal rights and compensation processes. UrbanBirds reports delays exceeding 3 hours to those who purchase the product and offers an easy claim option. All information and content that UrbanBirds offers to the passengers are created by reliable third-party sources.

As the provider of the UrbanBirds Platform, MuseBirds does not create any data, nor control or manage them. It does not offer or sell flight tickets, insurance products or any travel organization.

UrbanBirds is the provider of information, service and content.